Šv. Jono Vaikai

Why we are unique


  • Offer a safe and stable environment for children
  • Let them blossom at school and during extracurricular activities
  • Help them to become independent adults
  • Become an example for Lithuanian orphanages


1996: St John’s Brothers started to play basketball and to talk with children on the streets. Slowly, trust between children and the St John’s Brothers was established. The latter started to offer these children a meal and then shelter in Vilnius, near the station.

2000: Purchasing and renovating three homes in the countryside to welcome the children.

2002: Opening of a craftsmanship school for the teenagers. They can become cooks, bakers, carpenters, landscapers or cabinetmakers (http://sodziausmeistrai.lt/)

2014: Beginning of the renovation of a fourth home

2015: The state has transferred custody of 16 children to us.